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Our primary focus is on plant nutrition with its various sub-disciplines. Our members are mainly agricultural scientists and plant biologists from universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes, government agencies and industry. As a non-profit association, we do not pursue any economic interests. In the DGP, young scientists meet experts.

Statutes of the DGP (in german)

Statutes of „Deutschen Gesellschaft für Pflanzenernährung e.V.“


Rules of Procedure of the DGP

Rules of Procedure of “Deutschen Gesellschaft für Pflanzenernährung e.V. (DGP)”
Status as of 10.01.2022
With this version, previous rules of procedure lose their validity.

1. Prerequisite for membership is a written application using the respective valid form, which is provided on the website of the DGP. The original form must be sent to the DGP office.

2. Each new member agrees to the Constitution, Privacy Policy, and Rules of Procedure in the application.

3. The Executive Board decides on admission to the DGP. Applicants will be informed by the management.

4. DGP membership includes online access to all volumes of the Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science (JPNSS). New members receive the password for access with the membership confirmation. Upon request to the office, JPNSS can be obtained in printed form at no additional cost.

5. Members commit to provide the office with their personal details relevant for membership administration (current postal address, e-mail address, bank details for the collection of membership fees) in full and to notify the office of any changes in time.

6. The membership year begins on January 01 and ends on December 31.

7. The membership fee is due on February 01 of the respective year. For the payment of the membership fee, the DGP prefers the direct debit procedure. When using the direct debit procedure, the respective valid membership fee will be debited from the account on February 01. Alternatively, it is possible to transfer the membership fee to the DGP account yourself by February 01. For this purpose, members will receive a payment request in January.

8. Membership applications submitted in the first 6 months of the year are obligated to pay the membership fee for the current fiscal year. In the case of applications submitted later, the first financial year is free of charge.

9. The regular membership fee is € 50. Students and doctoral candidates pay a reduced fee of € 15. In December, the office will request an informal certificate for the reason for the discount. If this has not been received by the office by January 15, the regular fee will be charged. As a certificate, copies of an enrollment certificate or a student ID or an informal certificate of the supervisor can be submitted by email to the office.

10. An administrative fee of € 2.00 will be charged for the dunning procedure in case of late payment of membership fees.

11. Reversal of a direct debit by the member’s financial institution or outstanding dues payment from two consecutive years authorizes the Board of Directors to terminate membership after attempted contact.

12. Membership may be terminated by written revocation. The revocation of membership shall be addressed to the office of the Society. The cancellation will be confirmed by email. The proof of the proper receipt of the cancellation lies with the member.

13. The correspondence is usually done by email. This includes the membership confirmation, cancellation confirmation and the annual membership fee invoices, as well as circulars and association information.

Organization and support of scientific events
1. Information on the annual meetings of the DGP is published on the DGP website. In addition, the DGP also provides information about conferences not organized by it.

2. The DGP commissions a member or group of members to organize its annual meeting and provides financial support to the organizers. The board also provides assistance to the organizers of international annual meetings in writing a DFG proposal and maintains a list of possible sponsors.

3. The DGP can support further conferences and other scientific events in the sense of the association’s goals. For this purpose, the organizers submit an informal written application to the office. After approval by the board, costs incurred can be covered. For this purpose, invoices are to be sent directly to the office and receipts for cash reimbursement are to be submitted to the office.

4. Participation in DPG events is at the participant’s own risk, i.e., the DPG is not liable for any damage incurred in connection with the holding of an event.

Scholarships and prizes
1. The DGP awards three poster prizes totaling € 600 at its annual meetings. The prizewinners are selected by a committee.

2. Each year, the DGP awards a doctoral prize to a dissertation in the field of plant nutrition. In exceptional cases, the prize may be awarded twice. The award is associated with a prize money of € 1000. Candidates can either be nominated by members of the DGP or submit a self-application. Candidates who have obtained their doctorate at a German university since August 01 of the previous year are eligible to apply. Outstanding work in the field of plant nutrition that has been evaluated with at least “magna cum laude” will be considered. The following must be submitted with the application to the DGP office: Letter of motivation (max. 1 page), Curriculum Vitae, doctoral degree certificate or provisional certificate of the doctorate, expert opinion of the supervisor, dissertation thesis. The application must be sent as one coherent PDF file, as well as the dissertation thesis as a separate PDF file, by email to the DGP management. The deadline for submission will be announced on the DGP website. The official awarding of the doctoral prize takes place during the annual meeting of the DGP, which is usually held in September. During the award ceremony, the award winner presents his or her dissertation in a talk. It is therefore necessary that the person is present, unless the meeting is held in an online format.

3. The DGP awards scholarships of up to € 500 to PhD students and postdocs for participation in conferences and other scientific events in the field of plant nutrition, as well as for research visits. The justified, informal application must be sent to the head office and must include a list of the costs. When applying for conference grants, a proof of the own contribution has to be enclosed (abstract, poster contribution, etc.). After successful completion of a research visit, a short report of about ½ page about the activities and results should be written, which can be published on the DGP website.

Subject to change
1. The DGP Board is authorized to amend the Rules of Procedure. Amendments to the Rules of Procedure shall be communicated to the members by e-mail.

2. If a member does not agree to the amended rules of procedure, he or she must object in writing or by e-mail within 14 days. If the objection cannot be resolved by the Executive Board, the member has the right to terminate his or her membership without notice.

General Members Meeting

The General Members Meeting is held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting annually.

Board of Directors

The board consists of the 1st chairman and his deputy (2nd chairman) and an assessor as well as managing director with advisory vote, who, at the same time, takes over the account and cash management. The editor-in-chief of the Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science is an advisory member.

1. Chairman
Prof. Dr. Edgar Peiter

Professur für Pflanzenernährung
Institut für Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaften
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle Wittenberg
Betty-Heimann-Straße 3
06120 Halle (Saale)

Phone: +49 (0)345 5522420
Fax:      +49 (0)345 5524113
E-mail: edgar.peiter@landw.uni-halle.de

2. Chairman
Prof. Dr. Klaus Dittert

Department für Nutzpflanzenwissenschaften
Pflanzenernährung und Ertragsphysiologie
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Institute of Applied Plant Nutrition
Carl-Sprengel-Weg 1
37075 Göttingen

Phone: +49 (0)551 3925569
Fax:     +49 (0)551 3925570
E-mail: klaus.dittert@agr.uni-goettingen.de

Managing Director
Dr. Stefanie Höller

Professur für Pflanzenernährung
Institut für Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaften
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Betty-Heimann-Straße 3
06120 Halle (Saale)

Phone: +49 (0)345 5522424
Fax:      +49 (0)3345 5524113
E-mail: stefanie.hoeller@landw.uni-halle.de

Prof. Dr. Christoph-Martin Geilfus

Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
Geisenheim University
Von-Lade-Straße 1
65366 Geisenheim

Phone: +49 (0)6722 502 432
E-mail: ChristophMartin.Geilfus@hs-gm.de

Editor-in-Chief Plant Nutrition for the journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science
Prof. Dr. Karl H. Mühling

Institut für Pflanzenernährung und Bodenkunde
Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Hermann-Rodewald-Strasse 2
24118 Kiel

Phone: +49 (0)431 8803189
Fax:     +49 (0)431 8801625
E-mail: khmuehling@plantnutrition.uni-kiel.de

Organizer of the next Annual Meeting
Prof. Dr. Gerd Patrick Bienert

Professur für Crop Physiology
School of Life Sciences
Technische Universität München
Alte Akademie 12
85354 Freising

Phone.: +49 (8161) 71 – 3961
Fax: +49 (8161) 71 – 3343
Email: patrick.bienert@tum.de

Boards of the DGP from 1968 to 2018

Head Office

The office can be reached at:

Dr. Stefanie Höller
Betty-Heimann-Straße 3
06120 Halle (Saale)
Phone: +49 (0)345 55 22420
Fax:     +49 (0)345 55 27113
Email:   info@plant-nutrition.de

The office is available by phone or email.


A membership in the DGP pays off. It offers a network of experts and a wide range of specialized information. You receive access to all issues of the “Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science” and reduced fees for attending the DGP Annual Conference. In addition, membership includes a subscription to the “Plant Nutrition Courier”.

You are welcome to have a look at our statutes and rules of procedure beforehand.

Students and PhD students: 15,00 € per year
The student ID or a short confirmation of the supervisor to info@plant-nutrition.de is valid as proof.

Full membership: 50,00 € per year

According to the resolution of the General Assembly of 22/09/2021, membership is free of charge for the year 2022.

Application for membership

    Personal details

    Private address

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    Account details

    The annual membership fee is € 50.00 (for doctoral students and students € 15.00 on presentation of proof). It includes online access to the Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science. With the confirmation of membership a form for direct debit authorisation and a SEPA direct debit mandate will be sent.

    I have taken note of the privacy policy. I consent to my details and data being collected and stored electronically in order to respond to my enquiry. You can revoke your consent for the future at any time by sending an email to info@plant-nutrition.de.

    Modification form

    You are already a DGP member and would like to change your personal data or change the membership fee? Then please use the modification form. The changes will be formally checked by the office and then transferred to the member database. Do you have any questions, suggestions or wishes?

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      Personal details

      Private address

      Business address


      Account details

      The annual membership fee is € 50.00 (for PhD students € 15.00 on presentation of proof). It includes online access to the Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science).

      I have taken note of the privacy policy. I consent to my details and data being collected and stored electronically in order to respond to my enquiry. You can revoke your consent for the future at any time by sending an email to info@plant-nutrition.de.

      Research groups with membership in the DGP

      The DGP is represented by its members and their research groups throughout Germany and also internationally. The following map provides an overview of the research groups that are networked in the DGP.

      Networking of the DGP


      The DGP is a member of the Dachverband wissenschaftlicher Gesellschaften der Agrar-, Forst-, Ernährungs-, Veterinär- und Umweltforschung e.V. (DAF). The DAF is an interdisciplinary association of leading scientific societies in the sectors of agricultural, forestry, nutrition, veterinary and environmental research.

      Relations with other companies

      DFG Review Boards

      The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) is one self-governing organization of science in Germany. The DFG Review Boards evaluate proposals of scientists and scholars for financial support of research projects. The members of the review boards are elected by scientists and academics for a four-year term. They are each assigned to a subject within a review board according to the focus of their scientific work and are nominated by the respective scientific societies. The number of representatives depends on the number of review board funding proposals to be reviewed.